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Today: Jul 26, 2014

Customer reviews

Opinion of sameh about:
i like buy those lenses but without power it is possible thank you please respond me ..............................
Opinion of Mich_10128 about:
Comes in a very good container and is well sealed. It has an amazing color and is exactly like the picture. It unfortunately had some extra fragments that got stuck in the contact and it was very uncomfortable to wear, I had to personally remove the fragments, but after doing so they were very comfortable. Totally loved them!
Opinion of MizaruChan about:
I loved these! Even though I wanted it to be a little more dolly, it became more of a natural green color, and you can still see it properly if you have a darker eyecolor! Definitely a good one if you\'re going for a natural look!
Opinion of MizaruChan about:
I was quite disappointed with these. This isn\'t natural looking, neither does it give a dolly effect. It\'s more of a twilight vampire look with a slight natural pattern.
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