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Today: May 30, 2015

Customer reviews

Opinion of Christien about:
hope I\'m satisfied with this,pls send asap,thanks,I heard good things bout theses contact lenses,I\'m really really excited toon wrar thrn.
Opinion of Xtraviiezax about:
I loved these my eyes are a very dark brown and they make my eyes look bright they seem pretty natural i always get compliments on my eyes pleople seem to think its the reflection of the light that makes my eyes look like that i can\'t wait until they arw back in stock very \r\nThey are cery comfortable sometimes i forget I\'m wearing them
Opinion of astrologist about:
Can\'t believe how fast the shipping time was! Much quicker than estimated time to Australia! VERY HAPPY! :D
Opinion of jasmine_adrianne about:
The product itself is pretty great although the shipping took a really long time. They look very real on brown eyes & very few people have been able to tell I wear contacts the entire time I\'ve had them. I got them a couple months ago & I wear them every time I go out. Only reason they don\'t get five stars is because the shipping took a very long time. Close to 3 weeks if I remember correctly.
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