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Today: Apr 19, 2014

Customer reviews

Opinion of softlybruised about:
These lenses are wonderful. They enlarge your eye while keeping a natural radiance. My eyes looked bigger and more defined. Thank you so much
Opinion of cindi86rai about:
I would have preferred if I couldn\'t see the color on the inner circle of my eye through the contact because I like the color. Shipping was longer than expected and is worth the wait if you are satisfied with the product.
Opinion of cindi86rai about:
I really like how these look on my eyes and even though the shipping took a while longer than I expected they are worth the wait.
Opinion of cindi86rai about:
I like the contacts. I have brown eyes and sometimes I want to change the color. I am glad that I bought contacts from this company. Though I wasn\'t too happy about how long the shipping was but is worth the wait.
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