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Today: Sep 23, 2014

Customer reviews

Opinion of Hkeeley95 about:
Nice colors,multiple choices, goes well with any eye color, looks well with any makeup wear! Affordable
Opinion of Sutikasm about:
Im having a problem ordering these, i don\'t even care if they have my \"power\" or are simply vanity lenses, but it won\'t let me make a selection at all, and thus i can\'t order them at all!! am i doing something wrong, or is it just that they do not have any at all of it. Ive been trying to order these for months and would really appreciate the help.
Opinion of tierney about:
A Great feel when it comes to contacts. Super comfortableand love the color. I wpuldnt wear any other contacts after trying these.
Opinion of aya about:
Dejavu 3 tone is one of my favorite lens EVER, they are so confortable and the color in the eye is amaaazing! Love love love it
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